Transforming Australia from Climate Laggard to Leader

Australian Energy Program

Australia is the third-largest fossil fuel exporter in the world. When fossil fuel exports are counted, Australia contributes 5% of global greenhouse emissions annually, despite having only 0.3% of the world’s population. To protect fossil fuel interests, consecutive Australian governments have watered down ambition or sought special conditions in global diplomatic fora to enable business-as-usual fossil fuel expansion and provide cover for other recalcitrant nations. At home, the fossil fuel industry runs interference on effective climate policy-making through ongoing marketing, lobbying and political donations, holding back the urgent plans and resourcing needed to support affected workers and communities as the world moves away from fossil fuels.

Australia is one of the sunniest and windiest countries in the world. Our resources are so good we can repower our local communities, businesses and industries with renewable energy and storage, replacing unreliable and polluting coal-powered electricity, and set ourselves up for electrifying everything. Australia’s world-class, low-cost solar and wind resources also offer a massive economic opportunity, especially for regional communities. Exporting climate solutions (like renewable fuels and green metals) at scale can also help us play a leading role in decarbonisation globally and provide hope for communities most impacted by the inevitable and necessary transition out of fossil fuels so they are not left behind as the world deals with climate change.

Australia’s challenge is to harness the power of our globally significant renewable resources to drive the transition beyond fossil fuels at the pace and scale required to solve the climate crisis.


Australian Energy Transformation – harnessing the economic potential in renewable energy to transform Australia into a world leader in climate solutions and decarbonise the power sector on the way.

Australian Coal – protecting Australia’s environment and hastening the inevitable and necessary transition beyond coal mining, Australia’s biggest contribution to the climate crisis.

Australian Gas – preventing the expansion and accelerating the decline of gas extraction for exports to protect Australia’s precious land, ocean and freshwater resources.

The Sunrise Project

Driven by the imperative of climate justice, The Sunrise Project scales social movements to drive the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy as fast as possible.


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We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous peoples and local communities of the lands on which we live and work.  We recognise the leadership of these communities in the struggle for climate justice and our responsibility to uplift their voices and histories.