The Sunrise Project is a global network of independent organisations that share a common mission and common values. We believe in the power of social movements to change the world. We’re passionate about building networks who can drive the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy to reduce greenhouse pollution and create a healthy and prosperous future for everyone.

How We Work

Sitting at the intersection of social movements and philanthropy, we’ve developed a ‘directed network’ model that supports networks of people and organisations to work together to achieve large-scale change that wouldn’t have been possible by individual organisations acting alone.

We essentially do six things:

  • Analysis to understand the political, social and economic systems driving the climate crisis;
  • Strategy design for multi-partner efforts that create systemic change;
  • Partner with philanthropy to resource these strategies;
  • Fund a diversity of organisations and support them to work together for collective impact;
  • Support organisations and movements to sharpen their strategies and build their capacity to achieve real-world outcomes; and
  • Drive strategic interventions that will hasten the transition beyond fossil fuels.

From experience, we understand that complex webs of power shape our society, and many factors usually need to come together to achieve large-scale change. Our strategies start with a focus on understanding who has the power to implement the changes we need, what motivates them, and how they can be influenced.

“Power properly understood is nothing but the ability to achieve purpose. It is the strength required to bring about social, political and economic change.” 

Martin Luther King Jnr

What We Do

We take a system-wide view of the causes of, and solutions to, the climate crisis and are continually looking for opportunities to catalyse transformative change.

At a top-level, our strategy involves building the capacity of social movements to shift the finance sector, change public narratives and shift the politics of climate change in order to strengthen laws and regulations, while at the same time driving immediate interventions in the real economy to hasten the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Our current programs focus on transforming Australia from laggard to leader on climate action, and shifting global finance out of fossil fuels. We support networks of organisations as part of these projects and typically re-grant 2/3 of our revenue.

As an example of how we work and what we do, this Changemakers podcast “The best climate campaign you’ve never heard of” tells the in-depth story of our insurance program from inception through to building a global directed network campaign to shift the insurance industry.

Our Values

The Sunrise Project is built on a foundation of 5 values that guide what we do and how we work:

Prioritise Relationships
We understand that the quality of our relationships determines the effectiveness of our actions. We actively nurture honest, healthy relationships of mutual respect in our team and with our movement and funding partners.

C’mon It’s 2023
We relentlessly ask: “What is required to solve the climate crises?” We push ourselves to imagine and implement the scale of action required. We move quickly and are willing to risk failing (fast) in pursuit of large-scale systemic change.

We Don’t Live Single Issue Lives
It is a long road to climate justice but we are committed to doing the work we can today so we are closer tomorrow. We challenge structural inequality and strive to bring justice in our programs, the movements we are part of, and our own organisation.

It’s Not About Us
We’re here to play a part in scaling social movements that can change the world. We prioritise enabling others to do their best work rather than trying to do it ourselves. We understand how much can be achieved if you don’t need to take the credit for it and we generously celebrate the work of others.

Dare To Lead
Powerful organisations and movements are leaderful. We support each other to have the courage to step up and lead, to take initiative and to solve problems when we see them.

Governance & annual reports

In 2022, The Sunrise Project made a major transition in terms of legal structure and governance. Initially consisting of a single Australian legal entity, The Sunrise Project is a global network of independent organisations that share a common mission and common values. Read more below.

The Sunrise Project is a global network of independent organisations that share a common mission and common values. The Sunrise Project currently comprises:

  • The Sunrise Project Australia Limited (Sunrise Australia), incorporated in Australia; 
  • The Sunrise Project Inc. (Sunrise Inc.), incorporated in the United States;
  • The Sunrise Project International Stichting (Sunrise International)

Each organisation is a fully independent legal entity with its own board of experienced Directors who bring deep expertise across climate change, social movements, law, finance, organisational leadership and governance. 

Alongside our shared mission, each entity is also guided by aligned charitable purposes to protect the environment, promote the transition to a clean energy economy and prevent dangerous climate change. 

All entities collaborating as the Sunrise Project operate in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework of the country in which they are incorporated. Each entity is responsible for compliance in their relevant jurisdiction and each entity’s financial accounts are audited annually by independent certified accountants. These reports are made publicly available on the relevant entity websites.

Further more information:

For more on our work, see The Sunrise Project’s Annual Reports. You can find the annual reports of Sunrise Australia here and Sunrise Inc. here.

The Sunrise Project

Driven by the imperative of climate justice, The Sunrise Project scales social movements to drive the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy as fast as possible.


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Annual Reports


We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous peoples and local communities of the lands on which we live and work.  We recognise the leadership of these communities in the struggle for climate justice and our responsibility to uplift their voices and histories.