The Climate Compass Segmentation

Climate Compass divides Australians into one of seven groups based on their climate change attitudes and beliefs.

Learn more about each of the Climate Compass segments below.

The Segments


26% of the Australian Population

The Alarmed have the highest levels of concern about climate change. They believe humans are fully responsible for climate change and believe that climate change impacts will affect current and future generations


5% of the Australian Population

The Alert are highly concerned about climate change but think that other issues are more important. They also struggle to believe that any action they take will have an impact and some even believe that it is too late to take action on climate change at all.


23% of the Australian Population

The Concerned have slightly lower levels of worry about climate change but still see it as an important issue. They agree with the science of climate change but think it will be more of a problem for future generation so they have less urgency for action.


17% of Australian Population

The Cautious express some worry about climate change but overall feel its an issue for the future and that other things are more important right now. Some of them don’t fully believe that humans are responsible for climate change and they are concerned about the risks of phasing out fossil fuels.


5% of the Australian Population

The Disengaged are not engaged in climate change or any political issues. They are uncertain on the science of climate change and think if it is real that it is a problem for future generations and won’t affect them.


15% of the Australian Population

The Doubtful are not convinced on the science of climate change and don’t believe that humans are the cause so they don’t agree that it will affect them or future generations or see any need for urgent action. They believe that moving away from fossil fuels will damage the economy or have other negative impacts.


10% of the Australian Population

The Dismissive are climate deniers, they either don’t believe climate change is happening at all or think it is a natural process not influenced by humans. They may be actively taking action to try and delay or stop action on climate change.


The Climate Compass segmentation is modelled after the ‘Six Americas’ a seminal piece of climate change reasearch from Yale University and George Mason University first conducted in 2015.

Research fieldworks, analysis and development of the original segmentation was undertaken by FiftyFive5.

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