Administrative and Personal Assistant to Climate Campaigner Casey Harrell

Location: Oakland, CA; an eligible candidate must be legally eligible to work in the U.S.

Remuneration: Depending on experience (including unpaid and other experiences) and capacity to take on responsibility, the salary range is  57-78kUSD per year plus comprehensive, employer-paid health insurance, 5 weeks paid vacation a year, holidays and more.

Hours: full-time

Contract Information: Due to the nature of the position, the selected candidate will start with 2-4 paid days in the position for all parties to feel whether or not it’s a good fit. If it is, the contract would include a 3-month trial period, with an expectation of continuation if the fit continues to be strong during that period.


About Us

Driven by a passion to solve the climate crisis, The Sunrise Project U.S. is a team of experienced change-makers, researchers and communications professionals with a mission to scale social movements to drive the global transition beyond fossil fuels.

Avaaz Foundation has committed to sponsoring and holding the employment relationship for this position, in acknowledgement and support of the crucial role Casey plays in the climate movement. Contracts, payroll, and benefits will be managed through Avaaz.   

Sunrise Project Senior Strategist Casey Harrell is a talented and strategic campaigner, as well as highly principled, kind, funny, respectful, and driven. His deep experience and innovative thinking are tremendous assets for the global climate movement. The broad support network that has coalesced around him since his diagnosis with ALS is testament to the high regard in which his community and colleagues hold him. He is committed to continuing his important work to create a more just and healthy planet, despite his physical limitations. That’s where you come in.


About The Role

We are looking for an exceptional person to play a unique, hybrid role in support of Casey Harrell, who has been living with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive nervous system disease for two years. The disease is currently affecting Casey’s motor skills in his hands (gripping, typing, writing, eating), his feet (now using a mobility scooter), and in his throat (slowed speech). Casey lives in Oakland with his wife and 2-year-old daughter. They have an active and robust support network in their local community.

This is an opportunity to play a key role in advancing climate justice, and to learn from one of the most seasoned campaign strategists in the movement. You will be helping Casey carry out the work he has dedicated his life to doing. Your impact on his family, his community, and the planet will be lasting.

Administrative Assistant Role
In the administrative assistant role, you will work in person with Casey to manage his priorities and calendar, assist with live dictation, and prepare documents and correspondence. A big part of the job will be collaborating with Casey to focus on his highest leverage activities, so you’ll need to bring decisive prioritization and high levels of organization to help him schedule time and tasks. This part of the role will constitute approximately 50% of the role (approximately 20 hours per week).      

Personal Assistant Role      
In the personal assistant role, you will help support Casey in tending to his physical and health needs throughout the work day, including meal preparation, helping Casey eat and take medication, helping ensure a tidy and functional workspace, and assisting with mobility exercises. You don’t need to have any medical expertise in order to perform these tasks.

One of the most important aspects of personal assistance will be scheduling the volunteers from Casey’s community who have signed on to help him. You can make a substantial impact by aligning the skills of volunteers with the areas of support Casey and his family need the most, and by bringing your strong logistical skills to coordinating this crew. This part of the role will constitute approximately 50% of the role (approximately 20 hours per week).       


Key Responsibilities

Administrative Assistant

  1. Support Casey in managing his work calendar, including scheduling meetings and managing priorities.    
  2. Support Casey in managing his correspondence, including email and Slack inboxes and drafting and/or editing memos and reports, checking voicemails and responding to messages.
  3. Sit in on Sunrise Project team meetings and other strategic and coordination meetings as Casey’s eyes and ears; take notes and help manage and move his work forward. 


Personal Assistant

  1. Manage volunteer support for Casey, including matching needs with appropriate volunteers, scheduling volunteers, and managing the volunteer calendar.
  2. Support Casey with light stretching and mobility exercises.
  3. Physical support: shadow Casey when he walks, support him in standing from his chair, or getting in and out of bed for occasional naps, occasional face and head scratching, dabbing with a tissue.
  4. Prepare and help Casey take his medicine, track supply and reorder medication as needed, help arrange medical travel logistics and assist with medical-related correspondence.
  5. Support in meal preparation (most meals will come pre-made, just need heating/plating), light clean-up, and helping feed Casey.


Required Skills and Experience   

  • At least two years of administrative or personal assistance experience, or transferable experience in a similar or related role
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Exceptional interpersonal communication skills and high-level emotional intelligence
  • Kindness, empathy, resilience and a wry sense of humor when engaging with people dealing with a terminal diagnosis
  • Proficiency with Microsoft suite and G-suite
  • Excellent project management skills, and ideally volunteer coordination experience
  • Ability to treat confidential information with appropriate discretion

If you meet some but not all of the above criteria, or are unsure of being a perfect match for all the above, but still interested in discussing the role — please get in touch. We recognize and value experience that has been grassroots/informal/volunteer, and/or lived experience.

Desirable Skills and Experience  

  • Experience with disabled adults, including providing physical support for standing, walking, and sitting up in ways that are physically sound for both the caregiver and the receiver
  • In-home care experience in a similar or related role
  • While the position does not entail childcare responsibilities, Casey works in his family apartment, with his wife and their 2.5 year-old daughter. Comfort engaging with toddlers is a plus.


Compensation and Benefits

Depending on experience (including unpaid and other experiences) and capacity to take on responsibility, the salary range is $57-78k per year plus;

  • Comprehensive, employer-paid health insurance
  • 5 weeks paid vacation a year, including 1 week to be taken at the end of the year along with the rest of the project team
  • 10 holidays of your choice per calendar year
  • Management support, including regular 1:1 meetings with an assigned Avaaz Operations team member
  • Performance reviews and feedback to support you and the team to reflect and grow

How to apply for this job

Please follow this link to complete the application form. A CV/resume is required. If you have any questions or technical issues, please reach out to

The deadline to submit an application is May 26, 2021 by 11:59pm PST. 


Avaaz Foundation

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