Work Packages

WP1 – Concept of Green Room Surf Alliance

WP1 Overview:

First, in order to create the unforgettable Green Room Tourism Experience and to guarantee the quality of the product and the compliance with sustainability criteria, the first step is to create the “Green Room Surf Alliance”. This network will agree on common objectives, vision and mission and develop a brand based on thatThe Green Room Surf Alliance will then define a common base for an unforgettable surf experience. This will be done based on an incentive scheme analysis which are essential to facilitate Green Room Experience success and long term sustainability.

WP1 Objectives:

  • Define and Align Objectives, Mission, Vision, Common Strategy, of Green Room Surf Camps with the principles and values of common good and EU CSR legislation.
  • Design a General Concept for a sustainable, common-good oriented surf brand, product and surf packages.
  • Define measures, metrics and indicators merged into a balance sheet
  • Create the first auditing system and certification of sustainability in the surf industry
  • Provide economic foundations (through an incentives scheme analysis) to promote Surf Camps to adopt efficient transitions path to Green Room Concept.
  • Provide an on-line tool to evaluate costs and benefits and design an optimal transition to common good under a financial viability approach.


WP2 – Marketing for a sustainable transnational product

WP2 Overview:

Based on the outcomes of WP1, WP2 will devote to the design of different tourism packages, i.e. the routes and itineraries.

WP2 Objectives:

  • Definition of the transnational surf product
  • Provide a competitive marketing strategy for the sustainable transnational surf product
  • Provide incentive schemes to enhance the demand for sustainable tourism products
  • Provide a brand strategy for Green Room Surf Alliance
  • Provide a monitoring instrument for the implementation of marketing strategy


WP3 – Sustainability Assesment, Training and Certification

WP3 Overview:

The sustainability assessment is carried out in the following way. First the camps will receive training on the balance sheet and associated issues (e.g. footprint). After that, the surf camps will be visited and locally consulted. Afterwards, each camp will be starting to fill out the balance sheet. The following step is the peer review. Once these steps are fulfilled, the balance sheet can be externally audited and thus the access to the Green Room Surf Alliance is granted.

In order to create the necessary knowledge base for this holistic change, several trainings and educational actions are necessary. A dedicated training program on “Tourism Management under a Sustainability Approach” (covering managerial, social and natural heritage aspects) will be given to surf camps and other stakeholders.

WP3 Objectives:

  • Peer training and awareness making of sustainability assessment and instruments used
  • Assess and consult surf camps in terms of sustainability
  • Increase skills and opportunities of surf camps and local/regional stakeholders on tourism management under a sustainability approach
  • Implement Green Room Surf Alliance Strategy
  • Audit and certification of Green Room Surf Camps


WP4 – Establishing Long Term Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

WP4 Overview:

Apart from assessing the surf camps, the governance mechanism is introduced into the partnership framework. The Green Room Surf Alliance will provide a best practice case of PPP framework based on CSR values and commit to disseminate this model to other surf destination within and outside the projects consortium. This partnership hub model is designed to create a favourable environment for PPPs participation for a sustainable tourist destination.

WP4 Objectives:

  • Create local/Regional and transnational Public-Private Partnerships
  • Set mechanisms for long-term sustainability of Public-Private Partnerships
  • Define a Roadmap for transnational promotional activities
  • Create knowledge on a suitable framework for SMEs participation and sustainable destination management


WP5 – Green Room Product Marketing and EU Project dissemination

WP5 Overview:

The new products and services will be rolled-out and their economic performance, as well as the performance of launching the new brand will be monitored. The monitoring will be done by using a Balanced Score Card, measuring the performance of key indicators.

WP5 Objectives:

  • Promote Transnational Surf Product (Routes, Itineraries and Green Room Product Elements)
  • Create Awareness about sustainability in surf industry
  • Provide practical information and best practice for different target groups (tourists, public authorities, PPPs, SMEs…)
  • Create a critical mass of surf tourists for green room surf camps
  • Communicate innovative product and launch the new product
  • Broaden the network of Green Room Surf Alliance
  • Create a high social media impact


WP6 – Project Management and coordination

WP6 Overview:

This is where the overall management, communication, and coordination of the entire SUNRISE project is carried out, ensuring that the objectives of SUNRISE are met.

WP6 Objectives:

  • To manage and co-ordinate the project.
  • To carry out a continuous (ongoing) assessment of the progress of the project.
  • To review the progress of the work in relation to the defined success measures
  • To report on project progress both internally and to the European Commission.