The Sunrise Project

Project Summary

The SUNRISE project will create an unforgettable surf experience on the best waves in Europe in a sustainable way.

We will create several surf routes like a”Grand Route” (North -South), “Northern Route” and a “Southern Route”.

Besides we create itineraries for the surf tourist. The itineraries take account of local particularities and provide the tourist a wide range of different experiences. The Green Room Surf Camps are understood as a facilitator of local tourism and will offer a range of complementary services, like yoga, hiking etc. and we will develop specific packages according to the regional specialities (city, mountain, desert, nature…) and different target groups (business men (deceleration and anti-burn out packages), students, families, backpackers…).

The Green Room Surf Alliance offers a complete product that is healthy (like “Anti Burn Out” or “Adios Back Pain” surf packages) and sustainable while improving local development and thereby creates touristic value.

Core of the project is the creation of Long term Public-Private Partnerships between the different actors in the supply chain, to maximize visibility and impact through transnational coordinated promotional strategies.