Specific objectives of the project

  • Design the first of its kind real sustainable surf product & brand (economic, socio-cultural and environmental tourism development) while providing customers with a high quality and unforgettable surf experience.
  • Create a diverse offer of sustainable tourism packages in and around Europe´s surf to create a unique mixture of sustainable experiences combining complementary dimensions of sport, wellness, health & culture in order reap the full benefits of its multiplier effects.
  • Create a Platform for SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) Participation with a sustainable organizational structure that persists after the project to enhance local growth in sustainable tourism offers and networking & to create sustainable employment conditions: The Green Room Surf Alliance.
  • Create a Partnership Hub Model to facilitate PPP (public private partnerships) participation based on CSR (Corporate social responsibility) criteria.
  • Design comprehensive and transparent indicators and monitoring tools for Surf Camps that are practical to use.
  • Provide training and education services to all stakeholders and integrate education into the product.
  • Design practical information for SMEs, Tourists & Public Authorities on improving sustainability impact.
  • Create a USP for Europe as a surf destination and raise awareness on the uniqueness of Europe as a Surf Destination.
  • Increase awareness and practical solutions to experience sustainability in a fun way by reaching a high (social) media impact and increase visibility of attractive and sustainable European Tourism Offer.
  • Disseminate best practice examples on sustainable destination management and the significance of SME and citizen participation in co-designing sustainable tourist destinations