About us

The consortium’s partners were thoroughly and carefully selected. In order to have a common vision, mission and knowledge base on sustainability issues, the involved partners already have a very strong commitment regarding sustainability. This makes the involved actions operative and efficient, thus guaranteeing success.

The initial geographical coverage of the Green Room Surf Alliance is already spread all over the relevant spots in Europe and provides access to important markets in the continental part of Europe. The initial consortium provides an appropriate base to create a true transnational sustainable surf product and achieve a maximum economic impact in the industry.

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in particular the University Institute for Tourism and Economic Sustainable Development (TIDES) and its S&T Park Foundation (FPCT), provides a great knowledge base regarding sustainable tourism development and coordination of tourism projects.

University Surf School (Spain)

University Surf School provides education services in the Sports and Surfing Industry with excellence and furthermore brings expertise into the project on how to design a sustainable tourism destination for the surf industry.

Coastline Communications (Germany)

Coastline Communications with extended industry knowledge, and an international coverage, will crucially be involved in the product design in order to guarantee that it fits the market needs and expectations and in order to create a high economic impact of the new products and the new brand.

CERES International (United Kingdom)

CERES International is a highly skilled partner of excellence when it comes to providing educational services, due to its expertise in the Life Long Learning Programmes and its excellent partnerships with several Universities in different European countries. This knowledge and expertise is needed to guarantee a solid knowledge base and to create an unforgettable educational experience as well.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council (Spain)

The public partner, the city of Las Palmas, is important to take the lead in creating a best practice case framework for PPP and other partnerships.

Austrian Surfing

Austrian surfing federation is important in order to create a link to the International Surfing Association which is necessary to disseminate the industry standards and to acquire more partners for the future.

The Surf Camps

The Surf camps (RapaNui –Spain-, Atlantic Surf Lodge –France-, CaminoSurf –Spain-, Mellowmove –Portugal-, Bornholm Surf Farm –Denmark-, Alive Surf School –United Kingdom-)

The Surf camps bring all different interesting aspects, first and foremost because of their spread and diverse geographical coverage but also because of their different focus on surfing and complementary services. It is worth noting that almost all surf-able coastline of Europe is covered through different locations. Thus all surf camps provide different and unique experiences and therefore provide an excellent base for creating surf routes and different types of itineraries to diversify the European Tourism offer. Besides, different aspects of best practice are covered by the different surf camps, e.g. Camino Surf provides services for disabled people and for families (surfing without border). The Atlantic Surf Lodge gives best practice when it comes to “no plastic use”, ecological food supply and sustainable transport. The Bornholm Surffarm, in Denmark, gives an excellent case of how surfing can be combined with health and other cultural activities and provides a showcase on how the sustainability strategy of a company can be combined with the regional sustainability strategy of the Island/Country. The Alive Surf Surfschool is another interesting partner, due to its involvement in the production of sustainable surf materials, thus providing access to another big commercial market within the surfing industry.

Surf Rider Foundation

Surf Rider Foundation, which is crucial in supervising the overall activities of the surf camps and all agents involved. The Surf Rider Foundation is the biggest NGO in the Surfing World and will give the project the necessary external reputation and will contribute by assessing the quality of education and sustainability assessment activities.